Support info
Phone & e-mail

We offer support contracts to our clients for continued improvement and additions to their solutions. All contracts are offered on an individual basis to suit individual needs.

Not a Client ! We also offer prospective clients with their own FileMaker solutions support, and can give you an appraisal via email or phone.

Remote Support Connections

To enable us to connect to your Computer, we have set up a Secure remote login system. This system will allow us to not only connect to your computer remotely, but also allow you, to monitor all activity during our support call. We also offer multiple support connections, and can do Presentations via these multiple connections showing many users the same screen the support is being conducted on.

All you need to do is download one of the Installer files, and then advise us of the ID displayed on your computer. We then enable a secure connection from our office to your Computer. We can make connections to both PC & Mac computers, and have made the downloads for both available.

Click to download Windows Remote support file
Windows EXE Download & install single file for quick desktop remote support (Vista-Windows 7 - 10)
Click to download Mac OSX Remote support file
Mac OSX Download & install single file for quick desktop remote support (Mac OSX 10.4 & above)

Thank you,

Clive Sheiles